Melvin Nyerere – Nursing student, Chuka University

At some point in life, dreams seem dead, you find yourself on the side of the highest mountain with your dreams and future on the other. People tell you stories, some of empty hopes, others of open discrimination; lots of commentators. SKCF found me here and held my hand. It was a blessing and suddenly the dying fire of my dreams was rekindled. They have enabled me and given me confidence to talk about it. The work Mr. Rolf and his team of friends are doing is commendable. My heartfelt gratitude goes to my direct donor Angela Lloyd, whose beautiful heart and attitude saw me through my secondary schooling. Currently I am a final year student in the school of Nursing at Chuka University. I am glad I will finally be serving in the field I always longed for. Am hoping of setting up a nursing facility in future and be able to hold hands of needy children and give support. Long live SKCF and all its associates and partners to see others like me get this far.

Sharon Otieno- Wildlife Management Student, University of Nairobi 

Failure is an orphan while success has many parents. This my favorite quote came to my realization being that I was able to continue with my secondary education despite my financial background. My former primary headteacher believed in a potential and a willing heart. Given that I had the willingness to learn more and achieve my dreams despite my background, he connected me with the foundation that is known to be helping the less fortunate in the community, that is, Siaya Kenya Children’s Foundation (SKCF). My education life has been smoothed by the foundation through the donors. By paying all my high school fees till the last cent, I came to know that the only gratitude I can give to the supportive and kind-hearted team that has been beneficial to most of us in the community was to work hard and smart. At the end of my four years course, I passed my exams and garnered B plain with 63 points which made it possible for me to pursue a course of my choice; Wildlife Management at the University of Nairobi. Am currently a first-year student at the University of Nairobi. I really appreciate with the greatest honor your action of having empathy towards less fortunate to make their dreams come true. You have done your best and gave it your all to ensure that you lift those who have the desire to achieve more in their life but are financially weak. It’s very true and plain to see that you have took lead to assist passionately when others have turned their back and gave out many excuses. As a beneficiary, I have got the total gut to be proud of the foundation as a great pillar and there is a clean prediction of my success as a result of being natured by the foundation. It has brought changes, made a difference and ignited hope where there was none. I thank you and am grateful. My prayer towards the foundation is that may the donors, owners and supporters be granted a long life for them to see the fruit of their sacrifice on those they have uplifted and may they continue to embrace that kind heart for eternity. We may not be able to give back a tangible present in appreciation towards the foundation as per now but what we can do and is our obligation as beneficiary is that we excel and keep that everlasting smile on your faces as well as in your hearts-the beneficiaries are the future leaders and role models in the society. Indeed, the foundation through our donors has left a strong legacy and a positive impact that will last for decades. The desire is that we keep the foundation strong to make it spread from generation to generation. It’s our plan and objectives to meet the challenges, constraints and to see the way forward to support more people as well as spreading the Gospel of a Good Samaritan and Servant Leadership.

Jacob Odundo- Applied Statistics with Computing Student, University of Eldoret

I want to express my gratitude to our SIAYA KENYA CHILDREN FOUNDATION for the support they gave me throughout my four years in Secondary school. The support has greatly opened my future and by now I am sure am heading somewhere in my life. I didn’t know I could continue with my education from class eight due to my humble background. I thank SKCF for holding my hand and walking with me through this journey. Currently am a first-year student at the University of Eldoret undertaking a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Statistics with computing. All these achievements are due to the efforts and determination of our donors. In future, I wish to support other needy children like me to reach their dreams in our community and our country. SKCF has become my family and I love our interactions and I will willingly be involved in all its activities.