Siaya Kenya Children Foundation (SKCF) is a non-profit making initiative founded in January 2006 as an intervention to alleviate suffering of the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in society. The foundation seeks to address the problems of less fortunate children by facilitating their access to educational opportunities. The foundation operates in Siaya Sub County, Siaya County in Kenya. Siaya is a town situated along the equator and on longitude 34⁰E. The average altitude is 1300m above sea level, and temperature has average of about 24⁰C. The major economic activity is subsistence farming and fishing.

The major challenges facing the people of Siaya are poverty, HIV/AIDs pandemic, unemployment and child labour. These challenges have impacted on the children and women very negatively. We have a number of deaths resulting from poverty related issues like malnutrition and HIV/AIDs related diseases. These have formed a vicious circle such that poverty has enhanced spread of HIV/AIDs and AIDs related diseases which have equally accelerated poverty. Children have become the greatest casualties in this scenario as their parents die at their prime ages before getting them formal education. Also due to poverty children fall out of school due to lack of school fees or get indulged in child labour so as to sustain their families.

The Siaya Kenya Children Foundation therefore attempts to assist these orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) realize their cherished dreams by helping them access their high school and give some minimal support with basic needs to some very desperate young children.The foundation is legally registered by the Government of Kenya under the Ministry of youth affairs and sports. It got re-registration with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development to operate as Community Based Organization (CBO) with the registration number: KRM/2652006/029.

Its focal area of operation is Karemo Division of Siaya Sub County in Siaya County. The formal registration by relevant government departments makes it mandatory for management board to operate within the laws of the country. All activities and operations of the foundation are guided by registered constitution of SKCF with the relevant authorities. The foundation is managed by a board of directors. These are volunteers who assist in the identification, vetting, evaluation and approval of all needy cases. They also counsel the children and their guardians as need may arise. Our core values are integrity, transparency, accountability, honesty and responsibility.

The co-founders of the CBO were the late Charles Oduor Ating’a and his great friend Rolf Hotz, from Urdorf, Switzerland. Mr. Rolf Hotz, with the help of his friends from Switzerland has kept the foundation going through these years by mobilizing the resources required. This has been the force behind SKCF. However, over the years, the number of applicants has been on a steady rise albeit the scare resources hence we have not been able to meet the demand. This has made it difficult for our current Donors to reach out to all the applicants as the foundation has out-stripped its available resources. . There are many pending and many deserving cases to be considered subject to availability of funds.. The program has impacted positively our children and the society at large and it is indeed a noble cause that needs support for a better future.