This foundation focuses on supporting OVC up to secondary level. This therefore means that the students from poor households who qualify to go to the university find it difficult to pay for their school fees and upkeep, for those who do not qualify to join university through government appointment might not even be able to join a middle college due to the financial constraint. This is our major challenge. On this note, the foundation has acquired land within the Siaya CBD, where a Vocational Training Centre is to be built in order to cater for beneficiaries who do not qualify to go to university and those unable to cater for college fees. This will also be a community relief as other may also benefit. As a foundation, we are targeting that this Vocational Centre will be part of our income generating activity and we appeal to well-wishers to help us achieve its construction, in attempt to make the foundation self-reliant.

Inadequate computers at the Siaya Kenya Computer Centre, offering computer training is an income generating activity for the foundation. Our computers are worn out and needs replacement or additional computers to expand our service limits.