SKCF is also there for its former students

Siaya Kenya Children Foundation (SKCF) has so far enabled around 110 students (SKCF alumni) to finish their Secondary level of education since it was founded. Some of these students are through with their studies from the colleges/universities yet most of them are still undergoing training at various colleges and universities.

At the onset of Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya, all learning institutions were closed and for most of our students, their source of livelihood was interrupted. This is because some of them would get the opportunity to do odd jobs at college for their upkeep and also had access to subsidized food prices at their various learning institutions. This did not only affect them but also their younger siblings at home who would only get decent meals at their schools.

As the measures put in place to curb the pandemic limited most income generating activities, the SKCF Swiss board saw it wise to send some money for the alumni so that they can be able to afford some basic needs. This money has been disbursed via MPESA  to the alumni and has helped them and their families as can be witnessed by the appreciation letters they wrote to the donors and well-wishers who made it possible.

Below are some of the letters:

Francis Otieno
To the  SKCF organization and to our leaders,Iam Francis Otieno .I am taking  this opportunity to thank you for the financial support  you recently  offered to me.It help me in making a step towards school items like,two pair of shoes, bag and also it enable me to open an account  that  I would use in making fee transaction.May God continue to bless the work of your hands so as you supporting us.Thank you.

Vivian Anyango
I take this chances to highly appreciate the Skcf as whole for everything they have done for me.
I would like to thank our donors from Switzerland for the money they sent us…May the Almighty protect and bless you for the kind and loving heart.

Lydia Akinyi
 Receive my heart felt appreciation. I really loved it. I was so moved and happy . May God bless these people so very much. I can’t really explain how I felt. My heart jumped with joy when I received the message confirmed…… It helped me during this pandemic especially on the e- learning sector. Part of it used to buy stethescope, pattella harmer. Once again thanks for your help.

Eugene Onyango
I appreciate the generous donation I received from the SKCF Switzerland Board during this global pandemic. I acknowledge that it has been of great help as I am able to access online learning materials as well as some of the basic needs I may need, thank you for the kind heart and may God add you more.

John Nyanyimbi
Dear SKCF Switzerland
Am writing this mail to sincerely give thanks for the generosity and kindness showed to me. It came at a time we’ve been faced by this deadly pandemic Covid19. Its not for everyone but am privileged to be among the few you saw to support. Thanks again for being there for me yet again during this difficult time. Am so grateful that you are part of my life.
Finally, i cannot fail to state how i was able to budget and spend out the money you honestly gave me. Bellow are what i gave as a priority to the budget.
1. I was able to buy bundles to facilitates my online classes.
2. Other academic requirements, to facilitate my project, that include purchasing of data. 
3. Paying my rents and buying food 

John Frederick
Hello, I am John Fredrick an alumni of SKCF.I strongly appreciate your merciful donation that greatly impacted to my farm project. Due to Covid-19 I turned my attention to farming activities more so the sukumawiki farming.
The money you donated to me, played an important role in my sukumawiki farming as I used the money to expand my plantation by purchasing more seeds which are now in the nursery bed. I also used the money to purchase some herbicides to control the pest that’s was adversely affecting the sukumawiki. In addition to that I also purchased some artificial manure for seed transplant that were overcrowded in the seedbed.
consequently used the money for processing of my University admission letter and HELB loan processing.
I once again appreciate the organization for their continued support but there are some challenges that I undergo in the farming of sukumawiki as it is labour intensive and lack of some farm equipment where I am forced to use bottle in spraying and manual water sprinkling.
I give much thanks for the organization despite of this challenging Covid-19 situation you still mercifully gave your donation.

Naomi Akoth
Dear Donor ,l am very much grateful for the amount you sent to us recently.As for me the amount was of very much help as it enabled me buy food and personal effects .The remaining amount l kept as it will help me pay part of my school fees when normalcy shall return.
Thanks once more for your generosity especially at this hard time.
Yours Sincerely,
Naomi Akoth Kenga

Clifford Bill Gilala
To my esteemed donors I take this opportunity to thank you for the great help you have given me since the beginning of my secondary school education.
You still continued with your help during this trying times I admit that I received money twice from the organization and used half of it appropriately and saved the rest since am scheduled to join college I might use it in future. 
I want to thank you again for your continuous help and support may God bless you and give you more.
Kind regards,
Clifford Bill Gilala

Peter Osuma
Dear Donors,
I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for your financial support during these unprecedented times of Covid-19. Your assistance has greatly helped me overcome the adverse economic impact brought about by this pandemic. I lack words to describe how grateful I feel about the love, care and concern you’ve always extended to us. Your emotional benovelence and incredible kindness has always sparkled a ray of hope, opened for us( SKCF beneficiaries) doors of opportunities and immensely contributed towards the fulfilment of our dreams. Thank you for everything and may Almighty God always strengthen and continue to shower you with abundant blessings.
Yours sincerely,
Peter Owino Osuma 
SKCF Alumni.

Felix Were
My name is Felix Were, an alumni of SKCF. 
I want to take this opportunity to thank our donors from Switzerland for the financial support they have been giving us during this period of COVID 19. I can confirm that I received the money and once again i say thank you.
I received the money at a time when I had just finished my University education so I had to begin preparing for job hunting. I was able to buy some official outfit to enable me look presentable whenever I am going for interviews. I also used part of the money to support relatives from home, some of who’s livelihood has been affected by the virus
Thank you very much for the support, I pray that the almighty keeps you safe during these challenging moments.
Thank you

Kevine Ouma
Receive greetings from Ouma Kevine an alumnus of SKCF. Hope you are doing good.
I wish to send my deep appreciation for the money that we the alumni recently received from you our sponsors.It came at the right time for me to help me acquire some of the basics of life,with it I have been able to even support my single mother in buying food for the family.
I thank you as it has gone a long way to cussion us during this hard times when even the smallest sources of income we depended on has been depleted.Once again I want to thank you and may God bless you.

Felix Okoth
Let me take this golden opportunity to thank you for your continued support to me and Siaya Kenya Children’s foundation as a whole. This act of kindness is a rare one.
I received a total of Ksh 25000 in the first disbursement which helped me to clear my University fees and maintain my daily upkeep. Second disbursement was totalling to Ksh 7000 and it helped me a lot to catch up with harsh corona conditions. The third and the last one I managed to receive was Ksh 5000 which I am currently using for upkeep.
I cannot express how much I am grateful to this organization. I am currently on my 5th year at Kenyatta University pursuing bachelor’s in medicine and Surgery and hope one day we shall be able to join hands together.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Felix Oduor Okoth

Ben Odhiambo Lima
I’m Ben Odhiambo Lima, an alumni of the foundation. I’m hereby confirming my greatest happiness for the gift I received from our beloved donors, a total amount of 5000.Part of the money will support my family and the remaining amount I’ll invest in my farm.

Melyne Dianga
Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the support I have received from you during this covid 19 period. I am so much grateful for the support which has been of great help to  my family at this time that we were sent home from school. My family have benefited so much from the funds at this time that putting food on the table became difficult. I really appreciate and may Almighty God bless you abundantly.
Thank you.
Melyn Dianga.

Rosebella Achieng
I am Rose Bella Achieng’,an alumni of SKCF 2018. I joined Nyamonge Teachers Training College in kisumu county but due to the pandemic that came from China I was forced to stay at home.
It has not been very easy to survive due to many challenges.
I would like to really appreciate for the money that you sent and I promise to utilise it well.I have used it to purchase materials for teaching practice that we are suppose to begin immediately the learning institution are opened.
                                 Thank you

Denis Ochieng
I take this opportunity to thank you for the upkeep amount.
May the Almighty God bless you.

Felix Odhiambo
Dear SKCF Switzerland,
 Am a proud beneficiary of SKCF and I can’t forget to say thank you for your endless support more so at this tough time that the entire world is suffering this deadly pandemic covid 19.
I can confirm that I have been receiving financial support at this period and below is a section of my budget that I did in line with the funds I received.
1. I was able to pay for my house rent
2. I was able to do my shopping (food,esetra esetra)
3. And other many financial needs
Finally, May Almighty God bless you and protect you.
                                         Felix Odhiambo.

Maurice Oduor
Siaya Kenya Children Foundation Switzerland
Dear Sir
The kindness and generosity of good friends like you has been a great help to us during this difficult time. 
My family and I would like to offer our thanks for the support. 
We are truly grateful for the financial support which came at the time we needed it most.
Thank you so much for your loving support.
Maurice Oduor.

Josephine Awuor
I am Josephine Awuor, a beneficiary and an alumnus of SKCF. 
I am so much grateful for this organization and specifically my godmother Miss Hedi Allseits for the generous support she has accorded me.
I extend my gratitude to the organization officials  for the financial support I have received as an alumnus and more so during this pandemic… You have accorded  us extreme moral and financial support during these hard economic times where most of our parents and guardians have lost their jobs and job opportunities for the youths are also rare. Indeed you are God sent!
May God bless you and reward you beyond measure.
Josephine Awuor

Mollyne Okolla
My prayer and hope is that you are all well, healthy at that, during this Corona pandemic period. 
This is to thank you for the money you have sent to help us through this tough time, especially here in Kenya. 
Personally I am very grateful. I am indeed grateful because with the amount I received, I was able to help in buying foodstuff for the family and it kept us going for long. I put some into agriculture and soon enough we shall have lots of veges at home.
Thank you once again, stay safe and be blessed. 
Miss Mollyne Okolla. 

Robert Roy Onyango
I kindly say thank you our donors for the cash I got ksh.5000.Thank you for the kind support you bring to SKCF, for the cash,we bought 1 sack of maize at 4500 for my family support and the remaining money was used in transportation. Thank you the organisation too for your efforts. 
Yours sincerely. 
Robert Roy

Jacob Odundo

Hello! I am Odundo Jacob, a 2016 finalist currently in University of Eldoret.
I am very grateful for the support you have provided to me during this hard time of Covid-19.
The money has helped me a lot to boost my university fee by clearing arrears. This will enable me to sit for the coming exam.
May Almighty Lord bless you for the good heart you have to help.
Thank you.
Odundo Jacob
2016 finalist

As the SKCF alumni leadership, we would like to acknowledge the love, care and support that the Swiss board, our donors and well wishers have shown us, from bursary to help with the college studies to emergency funds during this Covid- 19 pandemic period.
We are very grateful, may God bless you abundantly.
Lavender Ouma